Franca Mangiamelli

Franca Mangiameli

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Franca travels the world with open senses. She is always on the lookout for new aromas and flavors. Not only because she loves to cook, but because it is her passion to experience every one of them.

This is not self-evident. Not even for a nutritionist. Many people in her industry work in the public relation department of big corporate groups, dedicate themselves to science or join the sales force of food producers. But ever since she was a child, Franca liked helping with the cooking, kept this passion alive and today is her own boss in various areas.

„My clients keep asking me for delicious recipes", she says. By now she has written several cookbooks.

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She loves to try new dishes. Lamb chops with cinnamon raisin risotto, melon and cucumber salad with lemon-mint dressing, spaghetti made from zucchini with mango and shrimps. Franca loves to experiment with spices and aromas, to find new combinations for flavors and unconventional uses.

To try a chewing gum with different flavors she finds extraordinary and even gave us a very prompt idea:
„Something with chili. Simply because I like it hot. Maybe combine it with thyme?"
Interesting idea, Franca. And to our taste.

Tell us, where are you actually looking for culinary inspiration? On blogs? In cookbooks?
„No, that would be too theoretical. Food is all about scents and tastes and the experience. That is why I like to travel to find new inspiration as regards taste."

How does this work exactly?
„I just travel the world and try out country-specific dishes whenever I can. It is that simple. One of my highlights I tried during my stay in the Bahamas and I still go into raptures about it.“

Now, you have to tell us more about that.
„Okay! The dish I have in mind is called „conches“. It is mussels with pepper, chili and tomatoes. You just add salt and lemon juice and serve it as a cold salad. Just ingenious.“

In general, which combinations of taste do you like most?

„In general, it is just trial and error.
This is the reason why DasKaugumi is my thing, totally.“

„I think it is brave and long overdue to create chewing gum with such exciting and extraordinary flavors.“

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What do you think about our flavors? Do you have a favorite?
„I am a huge fan of ginger! Thus, Orange-Ginger is my absolute favorite. If I was about to create a flavor without being asked (laughs) it would be something with chili. Next to its exciting spiciness it has a very positive effect on your feeling of fullness.“

That sounds great! Duly noted.
Now back to the facts: Her love for food aside, she is an absolute expert when it comes to nutrition. She tells us: "Chewing gum supports relaxation and your ability to focus - and of course it provides a fresh taste and a fresh breath. There are tons of studies proving the first part and the second part you know without asking an expert." She smiles.

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What was that?
Quick, a chewing gum, please!

Thank you, Franca. We will come to visit you again soon.

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