Jan Köppen

Jan Köppen

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Today Cologne. Tomorrow Hamburg. Berlin again the day after tomorrow. Perfect hairstyle and a fresh breath. Preparing the next show on the go, listening to music for relaxation. And on you go.

Being an allrounder in the media world Jan Köppen is at home almost everywhere in Germany. We meet him in Cologne on a sunny day and witness a deeply relaxed and balanced person. You have to be in this industry, according to Jan.

If you know Jan Köppen from TV you can’t imagine that he studied business administration back in the days and only came to television by accident. The man from Gießen became famous for his show Top100 that was aired by the music channel VIVA. By now he has collected the work for many well-known channels and shows under his belt.

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And that is not even the whole story. Music is also one of his passions. While he delights the world with electronic beats as a DJ, he loves to play unplugged in private. A few piano lessons here, some guitar chords there - he was always drawn to music.

But sometimes those passions are repressed due to the lack of time. As much sought after host, Jan Köppen is always out and about. All the more we are happy that he gave us some of his precious time.

Hi, Jan! So nice to meet you here in Cologne. It is not that easy to get a hold of you. Would you say that airports and train stations are second homes to you?  
„Let’s say I don’t sleep there, yet, but yes, since I travel so much I know some of the airports pretty well by now. But my home is Berlin and I’m always glad to go back there."

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How do you like all the traveling, basically living out of your suitcase? Is "staying fresh" a challenge?
„Well, that is not a problem actually. Fortunately, I can take a shower regularly! A fresh shirt always helps and by now I’m pretty used to traveling and I developed methods for staying in a good mood."

Is the love for your job worth all the stress? Or is it exactly that what keeps you going?
„For me, it is not that big of a burden. I’m very lucky to have the job that I love and that comes with a lot of freedom. In this way, all the traveling is "positive stress". To be always on move feels like there is also a lot going on."

Tell us how you came to doing television!
„I was just at the right spot in the right moment! The short version: Jan, 22 years old, doesn’t know what to do and, while pursuing a degree in business administration in Gießen, applies for an internship at an ad agency and at VIVA Plus. Luckily the agency said no, but VIVA said yes. After the internship in Cologne I completed a traineeship at VIVA and MTV in Berlin. Somewhere in between I went to a casting for being a VJ. It obviously went well and suddenly Jan was a host for VIVA and ten years later for RTL. That is the short version. I will write down the long version at my biography."

You are known for TV but music is also one of your passions. Has it always been like that or has this passion evolved over time?
„It was always like that, actually. Listening to music, being a DJ and playing my own stuff from time to time:

„music is a hobby and a distraction at the same time."

„My job allows me to work in my passion into my shows. Visit my soundcould site to listen to what I do." https://soundcloud.com/jankoeppen

How can we picture you "making music"? Do you play the guitar or do you work more digitally?
„That depends. A lot of it is created on the computer. That is due to the fact that I don’t really play an instrument. I know some guitar chords and a few tunes on the piano; if something sounds good, it just sounds good! Unfortunately, I can’t read sheet music. This year I actually started to take piano lessons but couldn’t keep at it due to the lack of time - Classic excuse, I know!"

As a citizen of the world with good taste and perfect hairstyle - DasKaugummi should be just the thing for you …
„Definitely! Lemon-basil is sensational. It is just something different. Looking at the whole bulk of chewing gum brands, DasKaugumm is a very welcome change. On top, I’m a huge fan of the fact that some guys from Gießen made something that creative and brave possible!"

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Jan, thank you so much for your time! Have a chilled-out day, with great music and the best chewing gum, of course!
„Thanks! You, too."

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