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Here today, gone tomorrow. She just arrived but is already on the go. Farina Opoku, alias Novalanalove, is a beauty and fashion blogger. The life as a successful influencer is quite demanding but the woman from Cologne also gains a lot. She loves her work and wouldn’t change a thing.

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We met Farina in the Max Brown Hotel in Düsseldorf just after she arrived from Africa. She tells us that this year, she’s only stayed in Cologne for thirty days; tomorrow she’s off again to a blogger event in Madrid. This might sound like a life of stress and a lack of privacy, but she welcomes globetrotting with open arms. Still, she only really feels at home in Cologne.

Farina Opoku gave us a peek into her private life: we visited her office, went shopping together in the Apropos Concept Store, and found out all about Carlo, her charming canine companion.

Hi Farina, we’re thrilled that you found time to chat with us today. For your blog, Novalanalove, you are out and about nationally and internationally almost every day. What’s life like as a blogger?
Blogging is quite the dream job, you could say, and for that I am deeply grateful and happy. I can travel the world, meet great people, and just do what I love. The best thing about it is sharing all those great experiences with my community every day.

Would you really say that blogging is your absolute dream job or could you imagine later doing something completely different?
I had always wanted to work in the beauty department for a glossy magazine. I completed a lot of internships in this field. It was by pure luck that I established my own ‘magazine’ that became my job. And no, I can’t imagine doing anything else, ever! 

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Living the life of a blogger would be a challenge for many. Do you think one should always accept such a challenge?
Personally, I don’t see this as a challenge, but that just might be due to my character. And those little stones that life throws in your path once in a while, yes, should be seen as chances and opportunities for progress.

We, the DasKaugummi team, undertook the challenge of entering the market to show the world what we are made of. Would you say we have the chance to become as successful as you?
It is always easier for a public figure to draw attention than for a completely new brand. But you have a super strong team and if you network with the right people, success is inevitable!

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In your opinion, which of our flavors will be the biggest hit?
My absolute favorite is orange ginger! It reminds me a bit of a Moscow mule – without the hangover! 

Your blog, Novalanalove, is all about style, beauty, and fashion. It might not be easy to communicate much of your own personality. Are you sometimes afraid that readers could reduce you to those topics?
I am really happy to have platforms such as Snapchat or YouTube. There, you can show much more of your own personality than through text or staged photos. Even so, I prefer reality over the virtual world, and I always enjoy meeting fans or followers in real life.

There must be many people interested in your hobbies or passions that you don’t share on @novalanalove. Could you give us some insight into those?
I really love animals and horseback riding. Unfortunately, this is a very time-consuming hobby that I am not able to enjoy very often. When I do have some spare time, I always make sure to spend it with my family, which always comes first.

How much time do blogging and traveling take up? Is there even any time left for anything else
My job occupies 90% of my life at the moment and is my top priority. There is so much I still want to achieve. I think I am exactly in the right place at the right time, so I want to seize this opportunity. 

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If you are always out and about, do you still have time to meet your friends here in Cologne?
Whenever I am home for a few days, I always try to catch up. So far, this is working out pretty well thanks to a few very understanding friends whom I like to bring to events whenever I can.

You also have a dog. Do you find time for him?
Carlo is my baby. I once promised myself to take him wherever I go. However, I really felt bad for him, because my schedule is quite stressful. Nowadays, I leave him with my mom. She has a huge backyard and really pampers him.

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You have really been around the world! Will Cologne continue to be your home, or are you also drawn to other countries and cities?
I LOVE COLOGNE! You could say I’m a total Cologne patriot. Cologne is always my anchor. I was born and raised here. But I wouldn’t say no to a second or third home, somewhere in New York or L.A.! 

Farina, thanks so much for your time and for being so open to us! It was wonderful to find out more about you!
Thank you very much for such a laid-back interview! See you soon!



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